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Hi! I’m Jason Bond! I made my mark on Wall Street by spotting opportunities, pouncing, and locking in trades fast. And with a Master’s in Education, 10 years of experience as a New York State school teacher, and another 10 years teaching trading, I’m highly qualified to speed up your learning curve with these strategies and techniques.

It’s simple. You’re in the market to make money. But even if high-priced stocks like Google move up a few points, you may still only realize a small gain. In my experience, and I’ve seen it happen over and over again, the big opportunities are in lower-cost stocks with future growth.

Here are some recent picks that have paid off… and you could learn from them too!

But I want to be honest with you — these kinds of trades can be risky. You have to have extensive experience to make sure you’re not putting money on losers. Easy to say but hard for an individual trader to do with limited time and limited resources. I will do all the morning watchlists, identify potential winners, and alert you not only when I’m about to get in, but just as important when I’m about to get out.

If you are an active trader who’s interested in high-octane momentum stocks, are willing to watch me trade several times a week, and are ready to take a bit more risk in the hunt for monster moves, then I urge you to give my Lightning Alerts a try. Join Now. 

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I have been a JW subscriber for couple of years. The live training in the chat, the video library, the moderators, the explanation of what he is looking for and why he did what he did is excellent. Highly recommended for all beginner and seasoned traders, New to JB but his passion is contagious and hope to learn a lot!!
− Zev Bienenstock
Outstanding service. I have been a member for almost 2 years and have learned so much from the great teachers and traders at RB, I have a few services and enjoy all of them. RAGING BULL IS THE BEST THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!
− Mike Denney
Just wanted to say thank you JB. I am honestly learning so much from you. Joining the JBP chatroom was the best decision I could have ever made for my trading journey. Listening and watching you has helped my mature as a trader. I'm learning so much from your teachings. JB, you rock!
− Saira & Jeremy
This is amazing! Having a pro trader trading with us almost all day is a blessing and so helpful! That's building my confidence and I'm learning faster! The passion and excitement about trading is contagious in that chatroom! Long life of that service Jason! Thank you thank you thank you!
− Sylvie
Have been a member since 2020. Jason is a great teacher and mentor. The trading room he has is full of knowledgeable traders willing to give ideas and feedback. Great environment. Jeff Williams and the other teachers are great as well. Thank you RAGINGBULL!
− Steve
Jason does a great job of providing information to make informed decisions in stocks. It's definitely exiting. This is the place to learn penny stocks!!
− Bryan Tomlinson
For small cap trading Jason is the man! He gives you clear and concise market analysis and is very easy to follow. He keeps it very simple for beginners and trades stocks anyone can trade. I highly recommend!
− James Campbell
Jason is very transparent with his trades and portfolio! Definitely recommend!
− Jimmy M

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